Adrienne McRuvie, Chiropractor
Adrienne would be my desert island pick of health care practitioners. I bet she can also start a fire with a rock and stick.

Toronto Physiotherapy
Lindsay is lovely. She and her team provide thoughtful, attentive, hands-on physiotherapy care.

East York Physiotherapy Centre
Ethel has been practicing for 20 years! I hope I can boast about that someday. I keep meeting clients that sing her praises.

Seven Seeds Yoga Studio
Sheila runs a wonderful studio in Leslieville and her classes always leave me with an extra spring in my step!

The Sleep Doula
Sleep training for babies and their very tired parents.

Pink Elephant Communications
Carrie is the wordsmith behind this website and has been inspiring me ever since we’ve met.

Avery Swartz Web Design
Avery is my Wizard of Oz of Web Design. But with much better hair. This self-professed design geek is genuine, generous and enthusiastic in her approach.