From gentle relaxation to deep tissue treatments, registered massage therapy can provide the tune-up your body needs. While all registered massage therapists (RMTs) in Ontario follow the same rigorous training (at 2,200 hours of intensive study, Ontario standards are some of the highest in the world!), our individual approaches can vary.

Here’s what to expect of Soft Mechanic

The treatment room is painted cream with accents, the colour of late summer skies and tangerines, and it’s within my home. You might smell strawberries if I’ve been canning (and if it’s baking day chez Soft Mechanic, you might even be sent home with a treat). It’s a professional, clean, relaxing massage room, and nothing like going to a hotel spa.

I care about details. There’s a soft heating pad on the table if you like to feel cozy. I use bolsters and other soft props to make your body most comfortable (a little cushioning under the shoulders can mean a world of difference if you feel like you are constantly hunching forward, or your breasts feel squished when lying on your stomach). I love music – all kinds of music – and I invite clients to bring their own playlists if they like, whatever gets you to that place. I once did an entire 90-minute session to Led Zeppelin for a client who slept the whole way through, totally blissed on Robert Plant. (Who knew?)

Expect our initial intake to be about 10-15 minutes*. You’re not just a sore back or neck to me – you’re a whole, and it’s helpful to talk about your needs in full so that I can tailor your treatment. I always want my clients to feel like they have lots of choices, are safe and completely comfortable. I want you to leave feeling great and that you got exactly the experience you were looking for (or better!).

*If you’d like to get a head start, you can download my Health History Form and fill it out in advance.

How you can have your best ever massage

When you’re receiving a massage with any practitioner, there are things you can do yourself and things you can ask for that can turn an ordinary experience into just-right-for-you.